SPC supplies HIDROS range of dehumidifiers, which are made in Italy. We offer a selection of robust, compact and versatile units. Available in varying capacities, they are suitable for both big and small applications.

General Dehumidifier Units – DH, DR, EH, ITM, FL

The general range of dehumidifiers is intended for commercial and industrial use and covers an extended range of moisture removal capacities. Depending on the units selected there are options available to customise the units to almost any circumstance. All units are standalone and suitable for remote, ducted installation or can be installed directly in the space to be dehumidified. Standard units include integral air-cooled condensers to reheat the dehumidified air but options are available for units with remote condensers along with ‘neutral air’ units.

Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers – SBA

They are wall-mounted directly inside any space which requires moisture removal. They are ideal for small or medium-sized pool areas. The range covers nominal moisture removal capacities of 50 to 200 litres per day, all suitable for single phase supply.

Units are available with optional built-in electronic humidistats or remote mechanical humidistats,
grilles and plenums for chassis style units and feet to allow cabinet style units to be floor mounted.
Hot water and electric heater batteries are also available.

Swimming Pool Units- SDH, SEH & SHH

The range is designed for use in small or medium-sized swimming pools and is intended for mounting in adjacent plant rooms. It covers nominal moisture removal capacities of 100 to 940 litres/day; smaller units require a single phase supply while larger units are three phase. Units are supplied with high static pressure fans, evaporators treated for corrosion protection and stainless steel drain trays. A return air filter and frame are available as an option. Depending upon size, other options are available: condensate pumps, remote mechanical humidistats, horizontal or vertical discharge, low noise versions, versions with partial heat recovery for warming pool water, and hot water or electric heater batteries.

Large Swimming Pool Units – SRH

The SRH range of units are intended for the dehumidification of large-scale pool areas and cover nominal moisture removal rates of 1100 to 3000 litres per day. All units require a three-phase supply and come with high static pressure fans, evaporators treated for corrosion protection and stainless steel drain trays. The units are supplied as standard with an advanced electronic control panel and sensors for humidity and temperature control.

Special Units

SPC also produces bespoke units, tailored to a specific application. Our engineers are always available to interpret your requirements and advise on suitable equipment. Some special units include:

  • FH, GH units: Specially designed to complement radiant cooling systems in domestic or commercial environments. The units can be supplied with heat recovery modules and pre/post cooling coils to provide controlled humidity and temperature. The units have moisture removal capacity of up to 160 litres per day and are suitable for false ceiling mounting.
  • UTH units: These units are intended for use in swimming pools or other areas which utilise a high proportion of fresh air. The units also incorporate cross-flow heat exchangers to optimise the efficiency of the dehumidification process. The units are supplied with motorised dampers on the fresh air and extract air connections. They have moisture removal capacity of up to 680 litres per day.