SPC’s customised electric heaters are designed for easy installation into a duct and are available in slip-in insert or flanged types. SPC also offers two types of heating elements: i) finned tubular element electric heaters: for use in industrial and commercial applications or in dusty, humid, or corrosive environments and ii) open coil VAV heaters: for use in relatively clean and dry environments where there is little risk of contamination, such as in VAV applications.

Each SPC heater is factory-assembled, tested, and wired for 50/60 Hz to deliver superior performance and have a maximum heating capacity of the following:

(i) Finned Tubular Heaters: upto 120 kW
(ii) VAV Open Coil Heaters: upto 44 kW

Key Features:

  • Overheat Protection
  • Air Flow Sensors
  • Internal Control Voltage
  • Contractor

Optional Features:

  • Thyristor
  • Over Current Protection
  • Terminal Box Isolators
  • On/Off Status
  • Temperature Sensor & Control

Finned Tubular Heating Elements:

SPC’s finned tubular elements help reduce watt density and hot spots, which allow for a more consistent airflow stream within the duct. Custom-built for specific job specifications, the finned tube heating elements are available in two standards with metal sheath diameters of 8 mm and 11 mm and consist of a unique nickel-chromium heating element and a stainless metal sheath. In order to ensure the best heat transfer and enhanced heat transfer area and rate, SPC utilises only high-purity magnesium oxide and corrugated stainless steel spiral fins.

Open Coil Heating Elements:

SPC’s open coil heating elements get their name due to the fact that the coils are exposed to surrounding air, which allows for rapid heating and cooling and consist of a series of resistance wires formed into coils. Meticulously designed from austenitic nickel-chromium alloy (NiCr alloy) for use at temperatures up to 1200°C (2190°F), the coils boast great ductility after use and excellent weldability with the alloy known for its high resistivity, good oxidation resistance and form stability.

Power Options & Modes of Control

Power Options:

(i) 0-6 KW – Single Phase

 (ii) 0-120KW – Three Phase, Finned Tubular Electric Heater

 (iii) 0-44 kW- Three Phase, Open Coil VAV Heater


(i) 230V / 1 Phase/ 50-60 Hz

(ii) 440V / 3 Phase/ 50-60 Hz

Modes of Control:


(i) Stage (Contactors)

(ii) Modulating (Thyristor control)