This machine is used to assemble the feeder tubes with Header Pipes & also for assembling connectors with Header pipes.

End Closing

This European machine ensures that Headers of coils are closed at ends using latest end-forming technology by eliminating the use of traditional end caps.

Coil Bending

For bend coils, specialized bending machine is used to achieve desired bending radius.


All coils are expanded using bullet expansion & for coils less than 1400 mm long, the vertical expander is used to ensure firm bonding between tube & fins.

Hair Pin Bending

This American machine eliminates the use of return bend on one side of all coils for 3/8” OD & ½” OD tubes.


Fining is done on state of the art American machines & can fin with Plain Aluminium, Pre-coated / Hydrophylic Aluminium & copper fins.

Internal View of Factory

3000 Sq. mtr factory area encompassing latest machinery for producing high quality customized HVAC coils.

Brazing & Assembly

All coils are brazed either manually or on the automatic brazing machine using latest technology to make the process faster.

Anti-Corrosive Coating

As per requirement coils are coated using spray/dip application for anti-corrosive coatings.

Sheet Metal – Casing Work

For all casing work i.e. Endplate, side-plate, Intermediate support plates , this Japanese machine makes sure it very much precise through CNC operation.


Every coil is packed by following stringent packing methods to ensure no damages happen during transit.