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    SPC aqua pool pump

    Aqua Pool Heat Pump

    SPC Aqua’s one-of-a-kind heat cool pumps are smartly designed for both heating and cooling applications, allowing you to enjoy the most optimum pool or domestic chiller water temperatures, worry-free.

    Impeccably manufactured for energy-efficient performance in the region’s harsh climatic conditions, SPC Aqua’s pool pump boasts a unique design and SMART controls that allow users to modulate the flow of the refrigerant based on the season so they can experience the optimum pool temperature, irrespective of the weather.

    Domestic Water Tank Chiller

    Meticulously engineered for uninterrupted performance, SPC Aqua’s domestic chillers boast an optimised anti-rust galvanized powder-coated steel construction and utilise premium sourced parts to deliver energy-efficient cooling up to 50 ℃.

    Suitable for easy installation due to its vertical wind design, the V-Storm domestic chiller saves installation space and makes for easy monitoring and remote control with Wifi access and LCD controllers.


    • Single unit for both heating and cooling applications specifically for swimming pools/SPA and domestic water tanks.
    • In-built SMART control mechanism including WiFi option and practical design.
    • Energy-efficient performance for up to 53° C ambient conditions.
    • For the Swimming Pool Heat Pump – Utilizes titanium tube-PVC shell heat exchangers with high durability and for Domestic Water Tank Chiller: Copper tube with Stainless Steel shell Heat Exchanger.
    • Designed with leading anti-corrosive protective coating, Heresite’s coated air to refrigerant copper tube aluminum fin heat exchanger.
    • Equipped with a highly efficient 4-way reversing electronic expansion valve.
    • Designed with a Scroll Copeland USA long-lasting T3 compressor.
    • Available capacity range ; Heating : 8.5 kW to 335 kW and Cooling: 4 kW to 238 kW.
    • SMART Control System (With Built-In Wi-Fi).

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