SPC Aqua Pool Heat Pump and Domestic Water Tank Chiller

The SPC Aqua Pool heat pump extracts heat from a low-temperature source and delivers it to a high-temperature sink through a vapor compression cycle, transferring thermal energy between the source and sink. Thanks to SPC Aqua’s wealth of knowledge, industry expertise and unique design (a reversing electronic valve), the air to water heat pump modulates the flow of the refrigerant based on the season so that you can enjoy the perfect, most comfortable water temperature, irrespective of the weather.

spc aqua heat pump and domestic water tank chiller dubai uae

Product Features:

  • Single unit for both heating and cooling applications specifically for swimming pools/SPA and domestic water tanks.
  • In-built SMART control mechanism including WiFi option and practical design. 
  • Energy-efficient performance for up to 53° C ambient conditions.
  • For the Swimming Pool Heat Pump – Utilizes titanium tube-PVC shell heat exchangers with high durability and for Domestic Water Tank Chiller: Copper tube with Stainless Steel shell Heat Exchanger.
  • Designed with leading anti-corrosive protective coating, Heresite’s coated air to refrigerant copper tube aluminum fin heat exchanger.
  • Equipped with a highly efficient 4-way reversing electronic expansion valve.
  •  Designed with a Scroll Copeland USA long-lasting T3 compressor.
  • Available capacity range ; Heating : 8.5 kW to 335 kW and  Cooling: 4 kW to 238 kW

The SPC aqua ( Pool ) heat pump is specifically designed to provide energy-efficient performance by making the best use of the extreme weather conditions characteristic of the Middle East. The T3 compressors utilize next-generation technology, providing lesser vibration, faster cooling, and steady performance.


Special Note: OCC-SPC Aqua can provide the units with side (front) discharge/direction fans as well as 60 Hz power connection models upon request. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. The information provided is accurate at the time of publication. The specification of products is subject to change based on further development of the units which may take place without prior notice.