24/7 Automated Protection Unit Against Pathogens

The ASEPT.1X MAX unit pushes the limits of surface disinfection by automatically disinfecting office tables, patient treatment rooms, doctors cabins and patient bathrooms, which are a well-known reservoir of nosocomial diseases in hospitals.

Completely automated, the ASEPT.1X MAX unit includes the following safety features: door contact and redundant infrared motion detectors. This allows the unit to only operate when no one is in the patient bathroom, for 5-minute disinfection cycles after each use.

ASEPT.1X MAX disinfects 99.99% of contaminants such as VRE, C.difficile, and MRSA by sterilizing the most commonly touched areas.


UV Coil Cleaner

The IL Coil Clean disinfects evaporator coils to prevent the growth of biofilms and mold. It is ideal for any building equipped with an HVAC system. The IL Coil Clean can be installed on either side of the evaporator coils.

Using a patented and versatile technology, the IL Coil Clean uses high intensity UVC lamps combined with parabolic aluminum reflectors to maximize UVC output on the evaporator coils.

The ballast box is equipped with LED indicators for lamp status as well as dry contacts for any BMS remote monitoring system.

The IL Coil Clean has very low maintenance that consists of changing the UV lamps after 17,000 hours of use.