OCC supplies Sanuvox proprietary range of indoor air quality products. Established in Canada, Sanuvox designed and patented two different types of UV systems: UV Air Purification and UV Coil Cleaning, which essentially uses the power of ultraviolet rays to destroy and deactivate biological and chemical contaminants that are in the atmosphere.

Sanuvox UV Object Purifiers

Appropriately named the “CoilClean series”, the UV Object purifiers are high-intensity UVC (germicidal 254nm) quartz lamps mounted into anodised aluminium parabolic reflectors. These systems are designed to irradiate stationary objects (usually an A/C COIL) with UVC light preventing and destroying mould and other microbial growth on the object.

Sanuvox UV Air Purifiers

These are specially designed to drastically improve the air quality in the building or facility. Sanuvox proprietary systems make it possible to deliver high amounts of UV energy to the air-stream while at the same time increasing the “dwell time” between the air and UV purifier. Sanuvox UV Air Purifiers use proprietary dual zone (UVV 187nm and UVC 254nm) high-intensity or UVC (254nm) high-intensity quartz lamps to destroy biological and chemicals in the air.

UV Bio-Wall Commercial

This patented in-duct UV air sterilisation system provides a “barrier wall” of UV energy. Each Bio-Wall uses five high intensity pure fused UVC quartz lamps. The Bio-Wall is mounted parallel to the airstream in order to maximise the contaminants contact time with the UV energy. It is equipped with a monitoring display built into the ballast box which includes a digital visual hour accumulator, monitoring LEDs and “lamp out” alarms. Volt free contacts allow for building automation integration.

Quattro Light Commercial

Inspired by Bio-Wall, QUATTRO is designed as a light Commercial in-duct UV air purifier. The QUATTRO can treat the entire duct at one time, destroying up to 99.9% of the contaminants in the air-stream. The Quattro includes three 18” high-intensity pure fused quartz UVC germicidal lamps and one 18” high-intensity pure fused quartz UVC/UVV lamp. Adjustable mounting brackets permit the lamps and reflectors to be extended up to 15” from the duct wall so the assembly can be positioned in the centre of the duct-work, creating a wall of germicidal UV energy up to 30” deep. (It can be supplied pre-fitted to appropriate ductwork at extra cost on request)

OCC also supplies an array of other Sanuvox indoor air quality products such as the standalone/ducted models, specifics products for residential spaces and healthcare facilities.

At OCC, we also offer other competitively priced, cost-effective UV sterilization products.